Yaniv presler
Pitching at UpWest Labs demo day.
Silicon valley

Pitching at UpWest Labs demo day.

Silicon valley

Great Honor, TNW Startup Rally here we come!

TheNextWeb just announced that PlayerDuel was selected as a finalist at TheNextWeb Startup Rally, the biggest European launching platform for startups!! My partner Nir and I are excited and honored TNW editors picked us from over 200 startups who applied to launch at the rally, and promise to deliver an awesome presentation.

Thanks Zee and all the editors.

If you are coming to TNW Conference 2012 (Amsterdam, 25-27 April) don’t hesitate to contact me.

For the latest updates from TNW Conference, use any of these channels:@TheNextWeb@yanivpresler@nirmarkus@PlayerDuel or visit ourFacebook page.

See you in Amsterdam!

'Leaderboards are so 2008. Gamers want competition,' says Yaniv Presler, CEO of platform start up PlayerDuel

First pitch at SPEED SEED DATING event in Israel

The NEXTHIT 2012 competition was open for HIT’s students as well as for up to 10 Start Ups, and 30 investors. Investors will receive a brief of all possible investments prior the event. Each founder will present his pitch in up to 5 minutes, in front of an auditorium audience, and get noticed by investors. Investors will than select which founding team they wish to hear more in an immediate meeting to follow in the same evening, in separate meeting rooms, and /or afterwards.

The event was sponsored by NetMeVentures.com and they did a very good job for their first event.

I didn’t need to tell you that PlayerDuel was chosen to pitch in the event as we already got selected as one of the 10 startups in Israel that on to something big by business insider.

All the students gave a great presentation and without business knowledge they did a great job.

The event was very similar to seedcamp events but with students.

Russian startups – get ready the next event is coming to Moscow.

Business insider thinks we are on to Something Big!

It’s a great way to wake up on the weekend and get selected as one of 10 Israeli startups that are on to Something Big. I can’t describe the feeling to take one of your ideas, execute and now you have a company with a product and even customers that use your product. Getting acknowledged by Business insider is great but we still have to work very hard in order to build a big company.

What a wonderful morning!!!

Israel has the second-largest concentration of startups per capita after Silicon Valley.

Many of the leading tech companies have established a presence in “Startup Nation” and the latest of the bunch is of course Apple with its acquisition of Anobit and a new R&D center in Haifa, Israel.

As far as the startup world is concerned, what is interesting is that you will find many Israeli entrepreneurs who are not only developing innovative and disruptive technology, but that are actually working on launching multiple startups simultaneously.

Failure in the Israeli startup scene is also handled differently than in other places. Generally speaking, Israeli entrepreneurs do not view failure as a reason to give up. On the contrary, a failed startup is the drive to think of the next big thing and push even harder than the first time.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/10-israeli-startups-youve-never-heard-of-and-are-on-to-something-big-2012-2?op=1#ixzz1nOqnFIjU

Deloitte predictions for 2012 – Games

Just came back from Deloitte convection in Tell Aviv. It was a great pleasure to hear Duncan stewart (director of research and co-author of the predictions 2012, Deloitte).


Social and casual games are likely here to stay, but it may prove challenging to increase their share of total $63 billion global video games market significantly if the monetization model remains constant. In order to increase the rev from games the game developers will probably need to change the business model.

A short video about how game companies are starting to be big data companies:


Branding is everything - SWTOR (@SWTOR) case study

I love playing games on my free time (sometimes it is part of the jobJ). So, when EA decided to start selling Star Wars: The Old Republic. I was one of the first online customers that try to download the game. I succeed to download the game but to buy the game it was another problem. I’ve tried several times before sending an email to EA to explain to me why I can’t buy the game. It took them 48 hours to send me a response but it was worth it. I learned a huge lesson after I got the mail from their Customer Service.

This is how he starts the mail:

Greetings Yaniv,

I am Protocol Droid B6-B3, Human-Cyborg Relations.

Thank you for contacting us regarding purchase of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This is how he ends the mail:

Galactic Support is our Specialty….


Protocol Droid B6-B3 aka Francis
Star Wars: The Old Republic Customer Service

My lesson from them was that every mail that comes out of the company must be branding all the way. EA is a pro, but all the other long tail companies must learn a big lesson from them.

Good work EA!

By the way I can’t buy the game because Origin (EA digital shop) will not sell the game to players ordering from Israel at this time. Yes, we are small country but we are the land of startups with the most % of first adopters. Israel is the best country to check new things.

Happy New Year.

Yaniv Presler



My first lecture in GameUnconf Israel

Today it was my first time in an unconference. Unconference is a participant-driven meeting. So, if you want to make a lecture you just go to the board and write your name and the lecture that you are going to give.

Now the entire participants decide what they want to learn and just go to the right room in the right time (fucking good idea).

Because it was GameUnconf (the 4th time in Israel) the lecture was for the gaming market. Lots of students and game developers came and even some known figures from the gaming industry.

My lecture was about Virality and lifespan in games (click to see the presentation).

The best part for me was to see all the people from my lecture with smile on their faces (they actually learned something new).

All the Lecturers got a T-shirt and Certificate!

GameUnconf see you next year.

Entrepreneurs should work hard or not?

I will start and say that our team got a great award from StartupBootCamp: “Spent most time in the office”. Believe me we worked very hard in the last few months. We actually open the lights in the morning and close it in the evening (12 startups working in the same space). Now, this award obviously belongs to us, but is it good to work all the time?

As you already know, we (the PlayerDuel team) were a part of StartupBootCamp for the last 3 month. It was the most intensive time in my all life and I worked at some startups in the past few years. We worked every day (including holidays and weekends) just in order to finish our product.

If you asked me before StartupBootCamp what I think about working day and night without stopping I would tell you that I don’t believe in this way. In order to be creative your mind must rest so you will be able to think on new ideas. If you work every day it’s hard to think on new ideas and every morning you are thinking the same way.

We tried to stop working every few hours for a foosball game (Nir I’m still the champion!) and it works. Foosball really helped us to be creative. Just now I understand why in every big company you will find a room with PS3, Wii, snooker table and many more games.

Give your brain a break!

Vesting or not Vesting is like to be or not to be!

While Vesting is a simple concept, it can have profound and unexpected implications. Typically, stock and options will vest over four years – which means that you have to be around for four years to own all of your stock or options (for the rest of this post, I’ll simply refer to the equity as “stock” although exactly the same logic applies to options.) If you leave the company earlier than the four year period, the vesting formula applies and you only get a percentage of your stock. As a result, many entrepreneurs view vesting as a way for VCs to “control them, their involvement, and their ownership in a company” which, while it can be true, is only a part of the story.

Want to learn more about the subject: http://bit.ly/w11ead