Yaniv presler
My first lecture in GameUnconf Israel

Today it was my first time in an unconference. Unconference is a participant-driven meeting. So, if you want to make a lecture you just go to the board and write your name and the lecture that you are going to give.

Now the entire participants decide what they want to learn and just go to the right room in the right time (fucking good idea).

Because it was GameUnconf (the 4th time in Israel) the lecture was for the gaming market. Lots of students and game developers came and even some known figures from the gaming industry.

My lecture was about Virality and lifespan in games (click to see the presentation).

The best part for me was to see all the people from my lecture with smile on their faces (they actually learned something new).

All the Lecturers got a T-shirt and Certificate!

GameUnconf see you next year.